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~ Thessalonians ~

Epistle = a personal letter written to a particular gathering of believers (not a book)

1 & 2 Thessalonians are letters from the Apostle Paul to the Christians who live in Thessalonica. They were written in 50 AD only a few short months after Paul’s initial visit to that city. As such, they are among the earliest of the NT Chrisitan writings (only Galatians may be earlier).

The Mood of 1 Thessalonians is warm and encouraging. 2 Thessalonians is written to specifically address an issue of misunderstanding. Paul had a solid relationship with the church at Thessalonica, and as their mentor cared deeply about their spiritual formation.

Thessalonica was located in Macedonia, the northern province of Greece. It was the capital and largest city of that region. Paul’s first visit there in 50 AD was the direct result of divine guidance. After his time in Philippi, Paul traveled through a couple of towns, then arrived in Thessalonica. The record of that visit is found in Acts 17:1-15.

Major Themes¬†in Thessalonians include the gospel, Jesus’ return, strength in the face of persecution, faithfulness and warning about false teachers.


1 Thessalonians

  • September 17: Introduction & Chapter 1
  • September 24: Chapter 2
  • October 1: Chapter 3
  • October 8: Chapter 4
  • October 15: Chapter 5

2 Thessalonians

  • October 22: Chapter 1
  • October 29: Chapter 2
  • November 5: Chapter 3


  • November 12: Virgin Birth
  • November 19: Incarnation

Purpose of Bible Study

We are not here to study the Bible.

We are here to listen to God speak to us.